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How to choose your tent?

Time:2022-03-17 Views:142
1. Determine the purpose of the tent
  If you are going to outdoor activities, you will need to buy a professional outdoor camping tent. For professional outdoor activities in the mountains, you must choose double-layer, rainproof.Professional outdoor camping tent with good air permeability and professional outdoor brand.

  If it is a general leisure activity, then you can choose a leisure tent. Used in parks, lakes and other environments to protect from mosquitoes or light rain.

2. Choose the size of the tent
  If you choose a tent for one person,you can take a child under 10 years old at most. 

  Most of the time, the tent can be used for a single person, if necessary, can also sleep two people, the advantage is light weight, the scope of application is a little more than a single person, the disadvantage is two people sleep, the backpack can only be placed outside the tent.

  Choose a two-person tent. Spend most of the time in a two-person tent, and you can pack your backpack inside without getting crowded. The advantage is two people only need to carry a tent, the disadvantage is that if always a person carry a double tent to go out, can feel more depressed.

3. Choose the color of your tent
  Generally used for snow mountain tents are mostly yellow or orange.The elevation mountain passes through the activity to use, the yellow outer tent is relatively easy to attract the small flying insect. So the recommended color is blue, green, orange and other bright and eye-catching colors.

When buying a tent, pay attention to the following points:
—Strong, durable, weatherproof, small size, light material, easy to carry, and easy to install.
—Nylon material is relatively light, while and tough. High quality tents are usually made of high density waterproof nylon or tear resistant nylon.
—Choose a tent with a dark or silver canopy to protect you from the sun and uv rays and make it easier to fall asleep. In the summer,if you go camping, choose silver. Silver can reflect the sun and it will be cooler.

When buying a tent, don‘t assume that bigger is better. Because carry too heavy tent go up and down a hill is inconvenient.
  A domed montague is a good choice. Yurts are made of elastic bent fiber or elastic aluminum alloy rods as bone, no need with camp rope, set up the shape of a circular arch, like a ger, so named. The tents can withstand strong winds and are suitable for use in high mountains and inclement weather.

  The two-layer tents not only solve the problem of the inner wall,and the windproofness is obviously better than that of single layer. And the double tent of type of door awning still can solve the problem that stores equipment and shoe.

  Carefully check camp posts, camp nails, camp ropes, etc. Whether all accessories and backup accessories are available and complete.Choose the support material or column of elastic aluminum alloy rod or high hardness of seamless aluminum alloy tube.

A two-door tent is the best option.

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