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What kind of fabric is used for sunshade?

Time:2022-03-11 Views:304

1. PVC fabric

When producing shade fabric, PVC fabric is used more frequently. Sunshade fabric made of this kind of fabric usually has the advantages of relatively affordable price and good waterproof performance. However, compared with some shade fabrics, its UV protection is not strong enough, and it is prone to fading.


2. Polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is generally used in the production of high-grade sunshade fabric, which makes the sunshade fabric excellent in sun protection and has the ability to resist ultraviolet rays. In addition, the shade fabric made of polyester fabric has the characteristics of high color fastness, and the color fastness of most manufacturers‘ products is above 5, which means that even after a few years of use, there will be little fading. condition.


3. Oxford fabric

The sunshade fabric produced by Oxford fabric has the advantages of good sunshade performance and waterproof performance. Moreover, there are many colors of Oxford fabric, which can meet the customers who have high requirements for colors. However, this fabric has the disadvantage of being brittle and more prone to fading. Due to its brittleness, its service life is usually around two years.


The price of sunshade fabric produced by different fabrics is different. Among them, the sunshade fabric made of PVC fabric is less expensive because it is easy to fade and has no outstanding UV protection ability, while the sunshade fabric made of polyester fabric is difficult to fade and has good sunscreen performance. Due to other reasons, the price is higher, and the price of the shade fabric made of Oxford fabric is between the above two.

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