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What is a knife coated tarpaulin?

Time:2021-11-24 Views:236
knife coated tarpaulin is a kind of chemical synthetic material, which is thicker than ordinary lamp tarpaulin. The front side of the squeegee tarpaulin is flexible and smooth, while the back side is rough, thick and uneven in granular form. knife coated tarpaulin is divided into high-gloss and matte. The main difference is that the application range is different. High-gloss is mainly used indoors, and matte can be used indoors and outdoors.
The difference between the knife coated tarpaulin and the grid tarpaulin is that the grid tarpaulin is similar to the single transparent tarpaulin. Both use optical principles. The tarpaulin is covered with small holes. After printing the picture on the tarpaulin, you can see the picture on the bright side. On the dark side, you can see the scenery behind the tarpaulin through small holes. It is generally suitable for shopping malls with transparent glass exterior, so that people can only see the pictures on the outer wall of the mall outside the mall, and can see through the interior of the mall. The glass and grid tarpaulin see the outside scenery, the knife coated tarpaulin is considered high-end inkjet tarpaulin, which is much thicker than ordinary inkjet tarpaulin, and at the same time, it has high saturation, bright colors and delicate pictures. It is suitable for high-end light boxes. The price is in these three The highest among the species.
Finished product characteristics
1) High strength, good ductility and strong flexibility. This unique property makes this material widely used in large-format, high-end and fine commodity markets.
2) The surface is smooth and has strong ink absorption. The chemical properties of the material determine that it has strong ink absorption, and it can adhere with high strength under oily or water-based ink conditions.
3) Stable physical and chemical properties, mainly in anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance and severe cold resistance.
knife coated scraping tarpaulin is generally used for coating canopy covers, light boxes, background panels, and wide-format advertising pictures in public places.

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